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Past Life Regression Therapy

(This definition is by: Florence Wagner McClain of the Llewellyn Encyclopedia)

“Past life regression is just remembering. Stored in your subconscious mind are the memories of all of your experiences since you became a soul with the awareness of your individuality. Regression is reaching into those memory banks to recapture the events of past lifetimes. It isn’t so very different from trying to remember events that took place during your early childhood. At first the memories may be dim and few, but each event remembered sparks another memory and another until it becomes easy.

In one way you might compare it to an information storage system that has had little or no use for a long period of time. Some of the file drawers are stuck, or rusty. There are a few cobwebs here and there. Dust is thick and fills the air making it difficult to see. Some of the light bulbs have burned out, and the file clerk has taken an extended vacation.

But-a little attention here and there, putting the system on notice that you intend to make extensive use of it, and everything slowly begins to shift into gear. Shortly the system is running efficiently, retrieving the memories and information you request.

There are many ways to get the attention of your ‘file clerk,’ or gain access to your subconscious. Nearly everyone has experienced a form of spontaneous regression. For example, have you ever met someone for the first time, but felt an immediate kinship as if you were old and intimate friends? You probably were friends in some past lifetime, and the presence of that soul caused your subconscious to produce the proper emotion for that far-past relationship.

Perhaps you have traveled to some strange place only to find that it is familiar to you-you have a feeling of being at home. No doubt it was home to you sometime in the past. These are not uncommon experiences.

Very young children often have fairly clear memories of past lives. Sometimes these memories take the form of daydreams or are acted out in play. Occasionally past life memories are the basis for some of the fears of childhood. The child who is afraid of water may have memories of having drowned in another lifetime. The child who is afraid of the dark or can’t bear to be in a confined area may have, at least, the emotional memories of the POW who was kept in the dark or confined in a small cage. Children usually forget past life memories rather quickly as they approach school age.

Some individuals have gained a certain amount of access to their subconscious through the practice of meditation. Probably the most familiar method of gaining access to the subconscious is through conventional hypnosis under the guidance of a trained Hypnotherapist. Possibly the easiest and quickest way to gain access to the subconscious is through guided relaxation. Simple instructions are available in a recent book on past life regression. A friend can guide you, and later you can guide yourself, through exercises, which will give you access to your subconscious and past life memories on demand. Using this method, you remain alert and aware and in complete control of yourself and the experience.”

FAQ’s about Past Life Regressions:

What is “Past Life Regression Therapy”?

PLRT is the therapeutic use of a past life regression to determine what experiences your soul had in that past life, which is now affecting your current life. Perfected by Dr. Brian Weiss ( among others, PLRT has helped thousands of people with issues in this life that could not be helped by more traditional therapeutic techniques. (See the reading list for interesting books on the subject)

Past Life Regression Workshop


Suggested reading,

  • “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss
  • “Children’s Past Lives” by Carol Bowman


  1. Introductions, meet and greet the participants.
  2. Questions and Answers.
  3. Experience what hypnosis feels like.
  4. View a video tape covering the subject of Past Lives and the soul.
  5. Participate in a discussion about the difference between PLR and PLR “Therapy”.
  6. Experience group hypnosis for PLR.
  7. Participate in a group Discussion on the experience.
    If time permits, a volunteer from the group will experience an individual PLR therapy session, which is witnessed by the group. (This part of the seminar can be recorded for the volunteer.)
  8. Discussion on the entire experience will follow.

Notes: Bring 2 pillows, a mat or blanket (if you want to lie down).


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