Improve Academic, Artistic and Sports Performance

The process of “Improving” whether it is academic, sports or artistic; or if it is for an adult, teenager or a child is very similar in it’s approach. If you are an average golfer, who wants to shave a few strokes from his game or you are a professional golfer who has $100,000 riding on one putt, the method is the same.

The process starts with a hypnotic procedure called “PARTS Therapy”. Finding the part of you that is not performing to your standards and understanding where the lack of performance lies and then finding the best way to focus your attention and energy on the improvement process.

A note about Academic Performance in school age children

There could be a problem for parents who have a different academic standard than their child. If that describes your situation, you must know that even the best hypnotherapist can’t help, without the cooperation of your child. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, that is a fact and if your child is resistant, he will not allow hypnosis to work. You cannot force someone into hypnosis. It would be very nice if I could hypnotize someone who doesn’t want to be. I would have my Lamborghini parked outside my 25 room mansion in Hawaii or have my chauffer drive my around NYC in my Bentley (all of which I got through tremendously free deals… go figure?) but that’s not how hypnosis works. So if you want to participate in “Improvement” and you are a willing participant, hypnosis may be the perfect method to use.

A note about Sports and Artistic Performance

Whether you play on the field or perform on the stage, having the mental edge means the difference between “chocking”, a mediocre performance, a good performance, or fantastic success. Some people describe this type of seemingly easy success as “Being In The Zone”.

The Zone is the key for any sports or artistic improvement. If you are in sports or are a performance artist, there are those memories that you have when everything goes right and the feeling of effortless perfection is indescribable, except that you want it to happen always. Those of you, who have experienced the zone, know exactly what I am saying. It is not so much that you’re enjoying what you do, it is more an experience of observing yourself doing what you are doing to perfection and there seems to be no thought, effort, concern or doubt. You feel like you are in a dream where everything you do is perfect.

Professional athletes have successfully used mental rehearsal and visualization as part of training and preparation for competition for decades. Their competitors who do not believe they are playing well enough are at a great disadvantage and will almost always lose. A player who is lacking self-confidence is often prone to indecision, self-doubt and will inevitably make mistakes.

When an athlete or performance artist starts to have self-doubts, those doubts tend to increase and compound themselves and can actually lead to performance phobias.

Hypnosis works so well in this area, because performance and hypnosis are functions of the sub-conscious.


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