Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is a branch of hypnotherapy that was developed by a great in the field, Charles Tebbetts, who found that in the hypnotic state, A hypnotherapist might actually speak with a part or facet of a client’s sub-conscious and facilitate a dialogue with it. Mr. Tebbetts taught his students how to use parts therapy to help clients easily and quickly find the causes of problems, to release them, and to facilitate relearning. He made one of the most profoundly beneficial contributions to hypnotherapy in the 20th Century. Parts therapy allows the part of a client’s sub-conscious to communicate to both the therapist and the client’s conscious mind, expressing its purpose while responding to the questions asked by the therapist.

A client who says to me, “A part of me wants to __________ , while another part wants just the opposite!” One personality part desires to do something, while another part is in direct conflict. In situations like this, we attempt to find the root cause of the conflict and through various techniques; we attempt to convince the stubborn part to change its mind.

The use of parts therapy is very useful whenever there are conflicting parts of the subconscious.


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