I would like to extend a special “thank you” to all those who took the time to email letters of appreciation. Some of the names and email addresses have been deleted for privacy at the request of the sender.

If you see “(*Garry; with a comment)” written in this GREEN font color, in the middle of an email, please note that these are my comments. The purpose of these comments are to clarify the email sent to me.


Amber had an overwhelming fear of needles, even when there was no need to even think about an injection, she would think “What if I get sick and need a needle”. The thought of the possibility of a shot brought on the phobia! This is the classic “double team” of a phobia… Anticipatory anxiety – thinking of the fear AND a self-fulfilling prophesy – thinking of the phobia brings it on…

———- Original Message ———-
From: Amber Cirelli <>;
To: garry <>;
Date: August 2, 2015 at 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: Injections

Well, I did it! I went to the health center the day after our appointment and I got the TB test. I didn’t cry, and I didn’t feel anxiety the whole day beforehand like I usually do. I think I was more nervous about getting the anxiety and it (Garry; our hypnosis session on phobia of needles) not working than actually being afraid. I used to scream and cry and pass out and my mom came with my just in case, but I looked away from the needle and once it was over I knew I was completely changed and I cried real tears of joy. My mom even high-fived me. I am practically a changed person and I cannot thank you enough for your help. I’m so glad I came to you. I’ll be sure to tell everybody I know about you for whatever anxieties or issues they may have. I may even come back for other things!

Thank you so much, again. This really changed my life. The anxiety of injections literally affected me every day. I thought about it every day, whether I was getting the injections or not. Even typing this email about injections would have been too much for me before. Thank you.

Amber Cirelli

Joan needed surgery. Similar to a phobia, the anticipation of surgery and the fear of pain and complications made going for necessary surgery difficult if not impossible.
———- Original Message ———-
From: “Joan” “***
Date: December 21, 2014 at 8:31 AM
Subject: Hi from Joan H

Hi Garry!
Just wanted to let you know that all went well with my surgery! The surgeons said everything went very smoothly and the test results were good! I’m on the mend & feeling better each day. The session with you plus the CD were both an enormous help in getting me there & helping me get thru it & start to heal.

BTW, I love the “new” stress CD you gave me! I listen to it in the evening to help me relax & get to sleep & “nap time” too!
Thanks for everything, Garry; I don’t know how I would have gotten thru this challenge without my family & your help.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Peace & Love ?
Heather’s daughter, Darlene was having difficulty gaining control over her overeating. One session was all it took. Change may not seem all that obvious, but weight gain doesn’t happen quickly, neither does losing weight.

From: Heather <***>;
To: garry <>;
Date: September 7, 2014 at 8:50 PM
Subject: Re: Hi!

Good Morning Garry,

I just thought I’d touch base with you and give you an update on my daughter. Nothing earth-shattering is going on, but I really think something good happened in your session because although there isn’t weight coming off quickly, Darlene is doing much better. She has lost weight since your visit and she is totally being accountable to her calorie app. You had told her she had to put in everything she eats, even if it means showing that she went over and she has done exactly that. She told me this morning someone at work said she looked like she is losing weight and that made her really happy! She said to me “I don’t know if I understand how the hypnotism helped, but somehow I know it did. That’s more than I expected!”

I’ll let you know how things are going in a few weeks. Thanks again, Garry.


Sue came to the ISD to participate in my “Free – Introduction to hypnosis workshop”

———- Original Message ———-
From: Susan <***>;
Date: November 27, 2013 at 5:42 PM
Subject: Saturday

Dear Garry,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your open house on Saturday. You are truly a gifted speaker and hypnotherapist. Your knowledge, ability, sincerity, and kindness were evident throughout the presentation. It is abundantly obvious that you love what you do and that you love helping others. You have a beautiful spirit, and you must be an awesome teacher! I always look forward to seeing you at Institute for Spiritual Development and I wish you much well-deserved success.
Many blessings,

Public Speaking Phobia is the #1 phobia on our planet! For Kathy, once her repressed memory of the cause of the fear was revealed, her fear was eliminated almost immediately.

From: Kathy
To: “”
Date: February 27, 2013 at 4:49 PM
Subject: follow up from our session

Hi Garry:
I just wanted to let you know that after we had our hypnosis session to address my fear of public speaking, I had to make a couple of short speeches the two days following our session. They went really well. I was able to stand up in front of groups of people four times over that weekend and did not get nervous at all. I exuded confidence and was even able to be a little bit funny.

I keep going back to our session in my mind. Who knew that a botched piano recital could have that effect on me? (Garry; the embarrassment that the child within Kathy had to endure caused her to repress the memory and a Public Speaking phobia was formed. And a fear of public speaking is the #1 phobia on the planet!) And I have to confess that although I believe in the benefit of hypnosis, I was skeptical about it helping me and doubted that I could be put under. I guess I was wrong on both counts.

I look forward to meeting with you again to pursue past life regression and/or connection with loved ones who have passed. Thank you for helping me through my fear.

Nikki and her friend Laurie came to my office for a combined weight loss session. They informed me that there was a weight loss contest in their office and felt that along with a good weight loss program, like WeightWatchers, Hypnosis could help them do better in their competition.

From: Nikki Hathaway <>;
Sent: Sun Mar 11 14:37
Subject: My first meeting with you

Hi Garry,

This is Nikki Hathaway. My best friend, Laurie and I came to see you yesterday for a weight loss session. Oh my gosh!!!! We loved it! And it is working! As we drove home, we discussed our experiences under hypnosis and to our amazement we were on track with each other even though our “physical surroundings” [Garry: Their individual visualizations] were different. She had stairs and the ocean at sunset; I had an elevator and the woods at sunrise.

While under hypnosis I kept thinking that I was not really hypnotized. When I opened my eyes I realized that I had indeed been hypnotized but for some reason it bothered me that I had thought that. Upon relaying these feelings to Laurie, I found that she had the same exact feeling. I felt tears in my eyes when you mentioned the daughter door because I knew my parents were behind that door [Garry: This is referring to “Parts Therapy”]. Laurie said she actually cried although she didn’t quite remember why. I told her that I heard chimes when she was with you but you didn’t ring them for me. She pointed out that she heard them for me but not for her. She heard a lot of noise outside when I was experiencing my hypnosis session but I heard none of it. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

An interesting incident occurred this morning. I took breakfast to my son at the golf course where he works. For a moment I forgot I was on a path of healthy eating when I noticed KitKat candy bars (none other than my favorite). I told him I was going to have to buy one before I left. It was as though something actually hit me – hard – reminding me of my path. There was no physical pain, no pain at all but I felt as though I almost stumbled from the force of it. I have to believe that was my motivator part. I left without the candy bar and no desire to have one.

I feel wonderful and I will visit you again and although I am not sure if I will make it to the workshop on Sunday I will definitely attend your church [ ] at some point in the near future.

Thanks Again,

I received this email from Nikki two months later…

From: Nikki Hathaway <>;
Sent: Tue May 15 16:04


I WON! I WON! I WON! My friend and I came to see you in early March for weight loss. My office at work had started the weight loss challenge. We all put in a small amount of money and it ended today (but I will continue onward). I won and my friend Laurie came in 2nd. I feel physically and mentally so much better. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank You
Nikki Hathaway


Olive came for hypnotherapy for many issues including, hoarding, uncontrolled spending, lethargy, sleeping issues, weight control, social anxiety and more!

From: Olive—>
To: Garry Gewant <>;
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010 11:24 pm
Subject: My long overdue testimonial!

Dear Garry,

It has taken me most of this year to “process” our January session together. Since our session, I have sought the help of a professional counselor and have taken major strides in my life.

– I sleep more regular hours now – I no longer need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. I’m not sure you remember, but I used to sleep from 5 a.m. until 10 a.m. every day. That was my horrid sleep schedule. Now I am in bed no later than 12 midnight, and I awake usually by 6 or 6:30 a.m. every morning eager to face the day.

– I am losing weight without any effort – I’m no longer eating junk food, am exercising at least 2 days per week, and am doing Yoga on a regular basis.

– I have regained over a dozen friends from my past – the farthest back being from my first day of Kindergarten!

– I am making progress in my relationship with money – this one is not so quick to be fixed, but I know I am following the right path

– My home is transforming from underneath the mountains of clutter – I have regained almost ½ of our basement space, and am diligently working to regain our office and master bedroom.

– The creative muse has risen within me like never before in my entire life! I have become inspired to write, which I haven’t done since college. I started my own blog, and write at least once per day – today was especially prolific, as I logged three entries! Last month I helped a friend of mine re-write the content of his campaign website, and wrote four non-mud-slinging political radio ads.

– After de-cluttering the rest of my home, I know I will pick up my art tools once again and be able to be joyful through artistic expression.

There is no way I can pinpoint exactly what you did for me, but I know my life would have stayed at a standstill without your help. You freed me from the fear and anger that gripped me like trying to swim through quick-dry concrete. I have given your info to a few of my massage clients who are curious to try hypnotherapy. I hope they called you!

Thank you so very much for showing me the way through my own personal hell toward a totally different future than I could ever have imagined for myself.

Eternally grateful,


Sheri is a High School teacher with a severe stutter and stammer. As you read in her email, it affected every aspect of her life. The end of the email, she refers to saying “Lasagna” and “Iced Tea”; these were two of many trigger words that she had never been able to say; her coping strategy was not to order them in public.

From: Sheri—
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 09:14 PM
Subject: Re: Follow up

Hi Garry,

As a teacher, occasional stuttering/stammering difficulties at important meetings can be very embarrassing and shameful. It is very laboring to speak when you are constantly substituting words and lowering your vocabulary to insure fluent communication. After decades of battling this problem, I chose to take the route of hypnotherapy. Since our meeting 2 days ago, I have had an immediate change in my confidence when speaking. I feel a sense of happiness, honesty and almost as if I regained the carefree spirit that I had as a child. Things don’t seem as tough as they used to and I am focusing on the more positive aspects of life. I have stuttered/stammered 4x since our meeting, but I believe that I am more observant over my speech and I am looking for any difficulties (of course- everyone stumbles over a word here and there regardless…we are all human!). I love listening to your relaxation cd and will refer to your coping tools whenever I feel anticipation towards public speaking and controlling my stuttering/stammering. I am still nervous about meetings coming up at work, but I will remember what you have introduced to me. I will let you know how they work. I would highly recommend anyone with stress related stuttering/stammering issues to at least try hypnotherapy. It has given me a freedom that I never thought I could have…I said the word lasagna to my friend on the phone today and had to call my husband to say it a million times! Also, I ordered a regular lemonade/strawberry ice tonight- something I wouldn’t have done in the past! I don’t have to worry anymore!


Naha is a graduate of Juilliard and a professional violinist in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. She has been on many auditions throughout her career, starting in Middle school through The Juilliard School along with professional auditions and they were always extremely stressful for her. Using PARTS Therapy, we found where the source of her audition anxiety stemmed from and using self-hypnosis and positive visualization techniques, her anxiety was eliminated.

From: Naha G.
Sent: 2/22/2009
Subject: Thank-You!

I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Garry in a hypnotherapy session to help me with performance anxiety. As a professional violinist in my 20’s taking a number of auditions a year in the hopes of building a satisfying career, my time with Garry gave me some very powerful tools in my pursuit of success. The winners of these auditions are not only the most musically prepared, but those with mental toughness and who can stay calm. Garry showed me an effective process to bring out the best of my performance ability, in the most, high-pressure of circumstances. He also sent me away with a clear understanding of how to practice these techniques on my own for continued reinforcement. I would highly recommend a session with Garry for anyone who struggles with performance anxiety in any form.

Naha G…
Violinist, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Alumni of the Juilliard School


Alex is a Middle school student who was having anger management issues at school.

—–Original Message—–
From: Baratto, Giovanna []
Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2007 10:47 AM
To: ‘Garry Gewant’
Subject: Alex

Hi Garry,
How are you? Alex started school today! He was nervous but smiling.
I have a good feeling that he’ll do fine! He certainly looked great
with his new hair cut and clothes! I’ll send you a picture once I download it.

Please don’t forget to use me as a reference. You can use this e-mail.
The parent can e-mail me their phone number and I will call them in the
evening to answer whatever questions they may have about Alex’s experience
with you. I will make the time to look at your new website too and add a
blurb of my own. If you could also send me the dates to your next group
sessions to this e-mail too, I’d greatly appreciate it. At least then I
know I will receive them!

Take care, Garry! And again, thank-you!!!

Giovanna D. Baratto
Assistant to Dr.R Rodney, MD
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Global Clinical Development, Cardiovascular
2015 Galloping Hill Road, K15-3 3005
Kenilworth, NJ 07033


Mary’s daughter, Samantha is a High School Athlete who benefited from hypnosis for sports performance; Mary wanted to see if hypnosis could help with a fear of driving.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mary
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 01:59 pm
Subject: Samantha


Just wanted to give you an update on Sam. She has practiced and or played 3x since she hurt her knee and had been hypnotized.
Her father said at practice she was back on track and did extremely well. Her first game, two gentlemen from an AAU team in Newark tried to recruit her to their team.
On Sunday, the head coach of Sparta High School approached my husband and her about playing for him in a year.
We think she is very excited and happy to be back. We are letting her do her thing . . .
I probably need to come back and see you. I’m better but not 100%. I am more interested in knowing if you can help our son in any way who is Dyslexic and has dysgraphia. I think you said you are dyslexic. We are fighting with our school district to get a certified Wilson instructor to teach him or get an out of district placement to Craig to help him. If hypnosis can help him that would be great.



Sheila is the Director of the Performing Arts Department at Somerset County Vocational Technical High School and asked if I could work with her student that had performance anxiety.

—–Original Message—–
From: Sheila Buttermore <>;
Date: May 13, 2005 10:32 am
Subject: Jackie’s performance!!!

Dear Garry:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help as a performance coach for Jackie. Her performance during the play was lovely and she was not nervous or showed not a sign of the “Stage Fright” that held her back from performing at the level she is capable of. She said that this was the first time she actually enjoyed performing on stage. I could not believe that there could be such an immediate positive change in her attitude towards her ability to perform on stage in only one hypnotic session. We all knew she had the talent, now she is able to exhibit it.

I know that you had to re-arrange your schedule to accommodate our performance and I truly appreciate your help.

Once again, Thank you.




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