Smokers Testimonials

I would like to extend a special thank you to all those who took the time to email letters of appreciation. Some of the names and email addresses have been deleted for privacy at the request of the sender.

If you see “(*Garry; with a comment)” written in this GREEN font color, in the middle of an email, please note that these are my comments. The purpose of these comments is to clarify the email sent to me.


Julieann doubted that she could ever stop smoking… I received her email 6 months after her one and only hypnosis session.
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From: julieann <***>;
Date: April 9, 2017 at 11:11 AM
Subject: thanks

Hey Garry,
Almost 6 months now, and still not smoking! It is pretty unbelievable to me. I have raved about you and given your info to lots of peeps. Now it’s up to them.
I would love to come to one of the past life regression events. Would you please keep me in mind for the next one you have.

Thanks Garry,
Breathing better!!! Feeling better!!! And Smiling more.

Laurie had tried to quit many times but couldn’t “stay quit”… Until she was hypnotized.
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From: Laurie <***>;
Date: November 2, 2016 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Hello

Dear Garry,

I just wanted to say thank you as I’m coming up on one year smoke-free!! December 5. I didn’t tell my husband in the beginning, on day 4 he looked at me and asked “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!??” I told him I quit and he said “OH! Carry on… Very Good!!!” Thanks for doing what you do sooo well!!! You were right, it WAS way easier than I ever imagined.



Branden came to me for Smoking Cessation. Unlike most of us, he also had a problem with putting on weight.

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From: Branden <>;
Sent: Thu Jan 24, 2016
Subject: Ex smoker

Hi Garry really still can’t believe it’s a full 3 days without smoking. I’ve had my moments but feel good and eating well. Looking forward to putting on a quick 10-15 pounds and will be cooking and looking for a local gym. Will let you know how my progress goes but know that I will never smoke another cigarette again.
Thanks again Branden


Louise had come to my office initially for smoking in 2009. 2 years later I had a Smoking & Weight Management clinic (Group Hypnosis) at the Comfort Suites in Budd Lake NJ. She brought a group of friends to participate in both.

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From: Louise Mesmer []
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:52 AM
To: ‘Garry Gewant’ Subject: Testimonial

Hi Garry,

Yesterday was 20 months free of smoking! I wanted once again to thank you. I saw you at your seminars on March 19, 2011 in Budd Lake NJ.
I really wasn’t sure if I needed the refresher for non-smoking but I came to the clinic as support for my friend Glenna who was a smoker and for the others.
As it turned out I really did need it, having had the visitors I told you about!! [Garry: Louise had a group of friends staying at her home who were smokers] It wasn’t till I got back home that I truly realized how much the lingering smoke smell bothered me, and it’s nearly 3 weeks since they left. What a great feeling. You made me feel amazing when you spoke of my “aura and energy” I had noticed a difference myself but thought I was just being foolish. I guess being an Ex-Smoker really did raise my “aura and energy”.
Then we went through the weight seminar. I noticed I do pick a lot on sweets during the day I watched what I ate for the past 3 days, (maybe 3 ice pops and some twizzlers. while I work ) After dinner I normally go directly to bed as I get up for work at 2 am. (here came the salty chips to wake me up ) Yes I have cut them out !! I realized because I cannot do any exercising that my metabolism has no chance to burn off anything. TIME FOR A CHANGE.
[Garry*: After the Weight loss group session, I demonstrated how hypnosis can help with pain management with Louise]. Then when you helped me with my PAIN I really must tell you, for 3 days I was a new woman. Even Arthur, my husband noticed a huge difference shortly after I got home that night. I use the method you told me to and OMG it helps.
As I told you I am always telling people to come to see you. I cannot praise your methods enough.
Many that know me and how bad a smoker I was or how the constant pain I had was affecting who I was, all admit that there is a major change. I should have bought the Stress CD though lol I am wearing out my no smoke cassette tape as I use it to stay calm and de-stress.
I may have to come just to say Hi to a true new Friend.
God Bless you for what you do


Kim came initially to quit smoking, but was very curious about Psychic Mediumship. Along with quitting smoking, some family members came through to give their support “from the other side”

From: Kim—>
To: Garry Gewant
Date: Friday, July 16, 2010 09:43 am
Subject: Hello

Hi Garry,
I’ve been feeling better every day, that is to say the urges/thoughts of smoking are less frequent. I got a little worried when the thought of just having a puff with a friend popped in my head, but it took only a second or two to realize doing this would be counterproductive. I woke up Wednesday and Thursday mornings with a heavy chest, like I had smoked a lot the nights before. The taste was in my mouth like I had actually done it probably my mind and body trying to heal themselves. It was weird, I didn’t expect that.

I spoke to my sister regarding Vincent’s front tooth (Garry*, after her hypnosis session for smoking, she had some questions on a more Metaphysical subject) . She actually doesn’t know what happened to it to make it turn color. I mentioned your suggestion and she got quiet. She is open to the idea that our dad is around. I told her you asked me if she was religious……she told me Ron (Garry*; Her nephew) talks/prays to the fish when he is scared of the dark. She asked him if the fish responds and he said they just talk, church talk. I’m not sure how he would know that since they have not been to church. Hmmm, makes me more curious.

So, needless to say, I would like to schedule a reading with you. Not right away, maybe in the next month or so, before you start the next school year. I’m sure we’ll talk soon anyway, just wanted to let you know the events of my first week as an ex-smoker! I still journal often and listen to the CD every night. It’s going very well and I know it will get even better. I certainly do have more energy, as the ‘manual’ told me I would….. ?

Talk to you soon.
Thank you.


Louise is the mother of a friend who had smoked for many years and is now an exuberant ex-smoker in one session.

From: louise mesmer
Date: Thursday, August 06, 2009 11:59 am
Subject: 2 weeks ago today 8/6/2009

Hi Garry
I really must tell you, you have helped me in more ways then just the quit smoking.
On July 23rd I came to you. My son Kurt had given me your name and I truly believed this would be the one thing that worked. I did not believe anyone else thought it would work other then Kurt and Tricia. I had quit soo many times before.

Here is the story I think you will find interesting.
After I left you I really felt great. Normal reaction would be to light up before I turned the corner, but I had truly no reason or desire to.
Later that night, I wanted a cigarette but by time I really wondered if I should go get some, I no longer wanted it. AMAZING. The next day while cleaning out the car, I found a cigarette. I laughed because I forgot to bring a garbage bag outside. I went into the house and true to my stupidity, put the cigarette on the counter, got the garbage bag and went back to cleaning.
Somehow my dang dogs got loose. After a stressful hour and half finding them, I got them home and as I was walking through kitchen picked up the cigarette. I lit it but never dragged on it to puff. I then looked and thought holy macrel what am I doing? I put it out.
That cigarette has since been taped to my computer with big red letters going down it saying NO so I could see it daily.
We drove up north and I listened to the tape twice, I had to work online once I got there and the wi-fi was really slow. Getting stressed I took out my favorite “Garry Cig ” (*Garry; I make plastic cigarettes for my clients) and was good to go. My 2 grandsons were in their camper next to us and could see me working.
Apparently, they thought I was smoking and said something to their mom. She came over to the window and started laughing when she saw what I had in my hand. She told me that when the boys said I had a cigarette in hand that she told them some people use it like a crutch to get through and as long as it wasn’t lit, I am still considered quitting. Then She called the twins over to show them what they were looking at and they both said good going gramz
As I said I am 2 weeks into it. I have had a lot of stress these 2 weeks some which I know my husband expected me to go buy cigarettes and yet thankfully because of you I haven’t .
I listen to the tape at least twice daily. especially while hubby is driving on our long ride north.
Today is my second week and I took my reminder cigarette and flushed it. I amazingly have absolutely no desire and I must say I do rely on listening to the tape to keep me from wanting.
I have a friend that is a chain smoker coming for a 10 day visit. I have informed her there is no smoking in my house anymore. I will let you know how that works out.

Garry I cannot thank you enough. I am feeling better about many things. I cannot believe that if I was still smoking the stress I have had would been more intense.
Yet not smoking I am actually taking things with ” a grain of salt ”
I must also tell you . Physically I am having less pain in my spine then while smoking.
Many people told me that the cigarettes contribute to the pain, but in truth I never thought that possible. OMG it seems to be true.
Thank you again
Louise Mesmer


Lisa is a friend who had brought her younger son to me for stress management and academic performance. Her older son, Mark was a smoker and although she wanted him to come for smoking cessation he wasn’t ready to quit. I explained to her that, as a parent we always want our children to be healthy and of course not smoke, But… unless Mark wanted to quit, hypnosis wouldn’t… couldn’t work. The decision to quit MUST come from the smoker alone. Her son decided to quit and over the 2008 Thanksgiving holiday we had our one and only session. This was her recent email addresses to every smoker out there.

From: Lisa
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 03:02 pm
To: Subject: My son, Mark

Happy New Year Garry,
My son is an ex smoker !!!
In 1995 my father-in-law died suddenly of lung cancer. He left behind his family including two grandsons’ ages 6 & 3. The 6 year old swore he would never, ever smoke. He tormented other family members about their smoking saying how it killed his Pop-Pop and he didn’t want it to take them too.
That six year old is now twenty and smoking. I confronted him about it last summer. Afterward, he wanted and tried to quit by using the patch. He actually was smoke free for a few weeks but then started up again when he returned to college.
Just before Thanksgiving I noticed he had a cough, it may have been from a cold but his coughs always sounded exceptionally bad (croupy) even when very young. It made me think how he would sound in a short time if he continued smoking. It made me think of his Pop-Pop. I talked with him and asked if he still wanted to quit and how seriously did he want to. He said he did, so I told him about Garry’s success with hypnotizing smokers and he agreed to give it a try.
I called Garry immediately. Because of the time constraints with being away at college, Garry made an exception to meet with my son on a weekend. In the meantime, Garry was writing his Smokers Blog and my son read it. He came to me after and said it is as if Garry was writing about him. He could relate to every single thing Garry spoke about. He was excited for the session day.
The day came. I took my son to meet Garry then left the two of them shortly afterward. Three hours later my son called from his car outside Garry’s office. His exact words to me were “Mom, I can’t stop smiling! I can’t explain it. It was so weird but I know it worked.” He came home, we had a family dinner and he talked nonstop for 45 minutes about the whole experience. There were tears and there was laughter. I will never forget his words at the end of his story. “This is too easy, EVERYONE should do it! I can’t believe it is not publicized more!!”
When friends heard what he did, they didn’t believe it would work. Some actually teased and tempted him but he didn’t care, he didn’t fold. He did not want a cigarette at all! Right before he left for college that Sunday night he said to me “Something in my bedroom stinks Mom.” I went in and knew immediately that the “smell” was from the clothes he had been wearing prior to his session. I told him it was the smell from cigarettes. He replied, “Garry said my sense of smell would improve drastically. He was right. Gross! I smelled like that?!”
There have been two situations since his session that certainly tested my son’s strength of not having a cigarette. One was on Christmas Eve. He was making his three hour drive home from college after a snow storm in order to spend the evening with relatives. He broke down an hour away from home. The three hour drive took ten hours, two hours of which was waiting on the side of a highway for the tow truck to arrive.
He finally made it home safely. After a while we asked if he had a cigarette. “I thought about it but No. I truthfully did not have the craving to have it.” That was the proof that he could go on without ever having or wanting another one.
It is now just about two months that my son has been smoke free. When he comes home from college, he is no longer hesitant about giving me a hello kiss. No more cigarette smell on him. I see that sparkle of pride in his eyes every time he kisses me, hugs me or stands next to me. He certainly is more affectionate. I have even seen a silent look saying… “Thanks mom!”
Some may think “oh it’s just two months; he will probably start up again”. I pray you are wrong. And if I am, I am confident that Garry will be getting a phone call from my son that time around instead of me.
If you are a smoker, the parent or friend of one and they are willing to quit, please take them to Garry. The thing to remember though is that they have to be the one to want to quit. If you make them, it isn’t the same.


Miles was a long time 2-3 pack a day smoker who is on the road to being a longer time… EX-smoker.

—–Original Message—–
From: Miles
Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 06:06 pm
Subject: No more Smoking!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the business cards. I’m 10 (count ’em) 10 weeks tobacco free! (I say tobacco free to emphasize a lack of cheating, e.g., cigars, smokeless tobacco such as snuff or chewing tobacco, etc.) Let me make certain I have this correctly. Quitting smoking is a 2-3 hour session @$350.00 per session? No more “guarantees” (which actually is counterproductive, “oh, I can always go back to Garry”).

I’m advertising on your behalf – it costs less to quit smoking with your hypnotherapy than it does to pay for one month’s cigarettes!
The average smoker, at 2 packs a day, is spending $360.00/month (cig.s are up to $6.00/pack, by the carton!) A real smoker, like me, who smoked 2 1/2 packs a day, just saved $1,050.00 over the last 10 weeks. If you suggest to people that they put it in a coffee can, in 10-15 weeks, they can go on vacation, take a cruise; get a lung transplant, etc.

Talk to you soon.



Louise was concerned if hypnosis could help her stop smoking after so many years. She found quitting smoking was not nearly as difficult as she had thought… She had one private session.

—–Original Message—–
From: Louise
Date: Sunday, April 23, 2006 01:10 pm
Subject: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Bill participated in our “Smoking Cessation Clinic” and quit in that one session.

—–Original Message—–
From: Bill
Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 08:42 am
Subject: RE: New workshops


You probably do not remember me, but I attended your stop smoking seminar back in July 2005 at the Comfort Suites in Budd Lake. Since that July night, I have not had a smoke (including cigars) since. I credit your session with saving my life. About a month after the July session, I was working with the boy scouts and noticed I was getting short of breath often. While I smoked, I was always short of breath but never paid attention to it because I thought that was normal for a smoker. However, I took a bit more notice of this because it was a month after I quit and was not feeling better. After a month and a half of testing it was determined that, I needed open-heart surgery. On October 18 2005, I had that surgery at Morristown Memorial Hospital. My aortic valve was replaced, an aortic aneurysm was removed and I had one by pass. I returned to work on January 2, 2006 feeling great and 42 lbs lighter. I “graduated” from cardiac rehab last night after 36 sessions.

I have recommended your session to several of my co-workers (Steve M. was one of them) because they saw I had quit and did not have a craving for a smoke.
Every time I see someone light up, especially the younger kids and adults, I just want to rip my shirt open and show them the big scar on my chest and tell them how it got there.

All I can say is THANK YOU. You had a very big part in giving me a second chance at this thing they call life.

Bill Brenner


Robin is a wonderful and energetic mother of a beautiful little girl who had battled with smoking for a long time. Her New Year’s resolution was to quit for her and her daughter!

—–Original Message—–
From: Robin
Date: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 09:31 pm
Subject: 2006 rocks!

Hello, hello, HELLO! I hope this finds you well. Everything is absolutely fabulous over here. Still not smoking. I bought a pack on New Year’s eve and smoked them all and at 11:59 pm Dec. 31st I had my last one, said good-bye, and have been enjoying my new year SO MUCH! I have to thank you for all your help. I am determined to make 2006 everything it can be. I found Robin again. I’m that happy, fun girl that loves life and is thrilled to be alive and SO grateful that we all have the ability to change, if we really want to. It’s after 9pm and I’m a little tired so I will call and leave a message if nothing else but I just wanted to let you know that the universe has enveloped me again and I can feel it and I feel great! THANKYOU!!!!

Talk soon,



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