Weight Loss

There have been a number of studies that indicate hypnosis combined with a traditional weight management programs, like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, significantly contribute to permanent weight loss. Both the traditional and hypnosis programs must be tailored to each person’s individual situation and need to be the most effective.

Traditional hypnosis for weight control has been primarily positive visualizations of the way you want to look and the use of affirmations to achieve that goal. Although helpful and included in my program, this approach lacks a very important component; the reason why you overeat, which is the most necessary piece of the puzzle. The puzzle of why you eat when you know you shouldn’t.

It would seem that hypnosis for weight loss should deal with the behaviors associated with weight gain, such as portion size, eating high calorie foods, binge eating, stress eating, bored eating etc. Hypnotic suggestions and affirmations about these areas can certainly be helpful and are used in my program. However, if you are able to stop and probe a little deeper into the emotional thoughts that occurs prior to these over eating behaviors, you can find the “Part” of you that is overeating and more importantly… why? I find the technique I use called “PARTS Therapy” to be the most effective in weight control.

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful and important self-help tool, offering you the means to take control over the difficult challenges you face such as trying to gain control of their weight or many other challenges you may face in daily life. Self-hypnosis is taught to you during each session. Teaching Self-hypnosis makes me think of the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

My Weight Program

You decide which eating plan is the most appropriate for you (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.); that is the “plan”.
Hypnosis is the motivating tool.

  • We use “PARTS Therapy” to find out the question, “why you overeat?”
  • We then can use traditional hypnosis to reinforce the desire to succeed.

The Weight Control Program is the only plan that I feel you need to commit for the long term or it will not work. I realize that that sounds harsh, but the reason is simple. You must eat to survive. In the case of smoking, you will know you need an additional session if you suddenly have an urge to smoke. In the case of weight control, because you will, of course, be eating, you may not realize that you are reverting back to old habits (they do die hard) and begin to overeat again. I suggest a flexible program. After the initial 3-hour session, we schedule a follow-up session in a week, then in two weeks and then periodically, but regularly. These follow-up sessions are an hour and a half in length and will reinforce the positive effects of weight control hypnosis. I truly hate to say this, but unlike smokers, who often need only one session, weight control, until you have reached you goal weight and have been there for at least a month must be an ongoing program.


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